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"Why are you sitting close to me, Raito-san?" 
"Hmm? What are you talking about? The distance between the two of us is quite normal"
"No, it isn't! Also, this limo has enough space for all of us! You don't need to be that close to me!"
"Eh...but I want to be close to you. Isn't it natural for me to feel that way towards you?"

"Shut up, the two of you!" growled Subaru, who was observing both Lillia and Raito's exchange. Kanato was looking out of the window, clutching on to his teddy bear - named 'Teddy' - as always. 
"It's only in the morning and you two are already cozy to each other. So annoying!" Subaru remarked, looking irritated as ever. Raito only let out a chuckle and scooted closer to Lillia. 
"Seems that someone's jealous" Raito said in a singsong manner, sniffing Lillia's hair. 
"Hey, what are you doing? Get away from me!" Lillia said in an exasperatedly before pushing Raito away from her. 
"You smell sweeter than usual today" Raito looked at her thoughtfully, though he was pouting, possibly due to her rejection towards his affections. 

Lillia cast a puzzled glance at Raito before sniffing her hair. Shuu had said that the night before, too. The thought of Shuu made her unconsciously touched the area where he had bitten her yesterday. Unlike the bite marks on her neck, the ones on her shoulder were aching in pain. It was not an unpleasant sensation, it made her more conscious as ever. But she will automatically think of the ones on her neck. It bothered her. Just as much as how she almost gave herself to him last night. Was it because that area was the first to come into contact with those fangs of his?

Lillia could sense Raito scooting closer to her yet again and used her elbow to hit his solar plexus. Raito, sensing her animosity, withdrew a little, though Lillia managed to touch her elbow to his arm. "Ouch. That hurt, Bitch-chan!" Raito moaned, pouting as he rubbed the area where he was hit. 
"Bitch-chan?" Lillia asked breathily, too shocked for words.
"Oh. I decided to call you that from now on. Doesn't it suit you, Bitch-chan?" Raito chuckled and Lillia narrowed her eyes at him. Before she could speak up to show her disapproval to the nickname, someone banged the window. Raito and Lillia looked away from each other to see what had caused the banging. Subaru's fist was still on the window when he grumbled, "Shut up". He was glaring at the both of them and Lillia face turned pink. This was the second time that Subaru had given them a warning. Lillia cleared her throat to mutter another apology when it struck her. How come I am warned and apologising twice? The school's not that far.

Lillia turned her gaze outside of the window and had to rub her eyes multiple times to try and sink in what she was seeing. The limo was driving through the nearby neighbourhood! What was the driver thinking? There was another shorter route! Lillia posed her concerns to the driver, who ignored her words. Ayato chuckled as he watched Lillia's exasperated expression. "He doesn't listen to you, chestless" Ayato said with a smirk. Subaru nearly choked on his drink when he heard the word 'chestless' and gave Ayato an incredulous expression. Even Raito hid his smile behind his hand at the mere nickname that Ayato had given to Lillia. Kanato remained ignorant of his surroundings, which was a smart move of him - even though it wasn't intentional - since Lillia, who was sitting right beside him, was fuming in anger. 

Lillia gave a look of disdain at Ayato and Raito. Both had given her a nickname, and she didn't like it. Heck, no one would be pleased to be called a 'bitch' and someone who has no chest whatsoever. She wouldn't have minded those nicknames, but couldn't they ever be more creative? And hearing it from their lips irritated her to the core. Yes. She hated them. She loathed them. And she couldn't figure out why. Those feelings just computed in her brain and her attitude towards them reflected it. She had tried to be diplomatic. She had had enough. 

"Well, I could tell that he's not listening to me, considering I am not a Sakamaki, thank you very much" she spat, glaring at Ayato. Ayato looked shocked for a moment, not used to the fire in Lillia's eyes. As far as he was concerned, she was just a human girl who had happened to be brought to the mansion for unknown reasons. Reiji said that she was to be their carer, but they didn't need it. In fact, the house was fine - since Reiji did most of the household chores whilst the others didn't even try to raise a finger to help - without her presence. But even so, she did not have the right to talk back at him. 

Ayato turned to look at the driver in the front and said, "Hey, drive slower. I want to have some fun". The driver merely replied a polite, "Understood, Ayato-sama" and complied to Ayato's request. Ayato turned his gaze towards Lillia, who was watching him with a wary expression on her face. 
"Oi, Raito. Get away from her" Ayato ordered his triplet, who was trying to pull Lillia's scarf that was covering her neck. 
"Eh...why? I was trying to have fun, too" Raito pouted, still holding on to Lillia's scarf.
"Just get away from her!" Ayato shoved Raito out of the way with ease and sat beside Lillia, who was already alarmed by the situation, her eyes wide with fear.
Ayato chuckled as he studied her profile and gently pulled the scarf on her neck to reveal the bite marks left by Shuu. Ayato raised his eyebrows and looked up to see her blushing. 
"Why are you blushing? It's not like I'm seeing you naked" Ayato sneered, making Lillia blush furiously as ever. 
Raito, who was watching them, let out a small chuckle. "Maybe she's just embarrassed that she was already 'marked' by Shuu".
Ayato glared at Raito to shut his mouth, so Raito clamped his mouth shut, though his eyes were still glinting in amusement. 

Lillia watched their exchange and darted her eyes over to Kanato and Subaru's direction. Subaru was looking bored as ever while Kanato was muttering - to his Teddy? - and unwrapping a candy. From the looks of it, she could not seek help from the two, but she was frightened. Ayato could do anything to her in this small distance - or rather, there was no distance whatsoever between the two of them - between them and she can't scoot away from him without his notice. Before she tried to think up of a plan of some sorts, a sharp "Oi" greeted her ear. She jumped and felt Ayato's breath tickling her ear. She froze, feeling her heartbeat rate quicken its pace as Ayato chuckled in her ear. "What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?" 

Before Lillia could react, Ayato swooped in and nibbled on her earlobe. She let out a gasp in surprise and tried to push him away but her arms refused to listen to her desire. In fact, she liked the sensation of Ayato's teeth on her earlobe. She felt a shiver travelling down her spine as Ayato used his tongue to lick her earlobes and let out a sharp gasp. In fact, she was about to moan, but somehow or another, she managed to make it as if she was gasping for air. Which she needed, since her brain was lacking in oxygen to try and make her moan. Of all things! 

"Bitch-chan seems to be enjoying it" Raito chuckled making Lillia stiffen in alarm. Ayato pulled back to look at her, his eyes wide in shock. Why does he look so surprised? she thought as Ayato shook his head frantically, as if trying to get his senses back. Kanato, who was silent the whole time, suddenly broke into a cough. Subaru started to gasp and covered his nose with his hand. 
"What's with this sweet smell?" Subaru said, his voice muffled. Kanato stopped coughing and looked at Lillia. "You...?" 

Lillia did not wait for Kanato to finish his sentence, since she took this chance to unlock the car door and opened it. Since the car was moving painfully slow, she had no difficulty to jump out of the car. "Hey!" Lillia managed to hear Ayato let out a shout before slamming the door shut and broke into a run. She ran for three blocks before stopping a few feet away from the school building. She was about to lean on the wall to support her body that had seemed to miraculously drained from any form of energy when she felt her shoulder being grabbed from behind. She let out a small yelp as she turned to look at the person who has grabbed her arm. "You looked like you just completed a marathon. Exercising before going to class?" Gray asked, raising his eyebrows.

Upon finding out that it was only Gray, Lillia let out a sigh in relief and crouched down, still panting for breath. "Hey, you all right?" Gray asked, a hint of panic in his voice. Lillia managed to let out a small chuckle as she looked up at him. 
"You know what? That's the most humane reaction I have gotten this week and I thank you for that" Lillia smiled, making Gray shake his head in disbelief. 
"I found you all sweaty and panting as if you just escaped from a rabid dog, asked if you were fine and you gave me that answer?" Gray looked at her incredulously and Lillia could not help but laugh at his reaction. She had thought he had hated her, but he seemed pretty normal to her. Somehow, having this interaction with him had made her forget the fact that she was in danger minutes ago. She held out her hand in front of him and gave him her sweetest smile. "Help me up?"

Gray let out a small groan and pulled her up. "This was payback for helping me out when I first transferred, okay?" Gray grumbled as Lillia chuckled. She was about to take a step forward when she stumbled. It would have made sense if there was something obstructing her way. But there was nothing. She stumbled on her own foot. I am shaking from head to toe.

Her face would have met with the pavement if Gray didn't grab her arm in time. "What's wrong with you...?" Gray trailed, as her body shook. How was she going to explain this to him? That she was about to be bitten by Ayato just a few minutes ago? 
"I feel cold because of the sweat" she jokingly said, shaking her arm to make him loosen his grip on it. Gray let go of her arm, but he was looking at her quizzically, obviously not convinced by her excuse. 
"We should get going, school's about to start" Lillia said in a serious tone as she straightened her posture and walked away from him. 
She could hear his footsteps behind her and she sighed in relief. 


Lillia buried her face in her pillow and let out a scream. After doing so, she punched the pillow and threw it across the room. She was angry. And she did not know why. She lay down on her bed and thought to herself. Was it because of what had happened earlier in school? The conversation she had had with Gray on the way to school was still fresh in her mind and it bothered her. She closed her eyes to remember the snippets of their conversation from earlier. 

"Hey...can I ask you something?"
"What is it?"
She stopped walking and turned to look at him. "I know it sounds weird, but-"
"Why do I seem to be normal around you?"
She froze, her jaw agape as she tried to figure out how did he know what she was thinking. Gray only chuckled and let out a small smile. 
"That's a secret" he said before he quickened his pace to cross the road. 
"Then may I ask you another question?" Lillia had said after catching up to him. Gray only gave her a slight nod, granting her permission to do so. 
"Let's say that some man make a move on me" she paused, waiting for Gray to let her continue. He cocked his head slightly and raised his eyebrows, a small smile tugging at his lips. She had no idea why, but she understood it as a sign for her to continue. 
"And I disliked it. The thing is, even when I dislike his advances, I couldn't help but feel...intoxicated? Rather, I feel...satisfied?" Lillia bit her lip and stopped walking. Why are we even having this conversation.
Gray stopped walking and turned to look at her. "Ah. I think you're just being sexually frustrated. Might I kindly satisfy your needs, then?" Gray had given her that flirtatious smile he had managed to use on almost half of the female students population before his face had screwed up in pain because she jabbed her finger at his solar plexus and stomped away from him. 

Lillia let out an exasperated sigh before sitting up. Sexually frustrated? she thought angrily as she punched the bed. Nonsense! Gray could not possibly had implied that she was craving for something from Shuu and Ayato! It was absurd to think of it in that way. How could she lust over those two brothers when all they had done to her was trying to bite her and claim her as their 'property'? She gritted her teeth and turned to look at her full-length mirror. She looked terrible. Her red hair was a mess, her brows were knitted together due to her scowling, her nose was flaring up and her eyes looked like it could kill anyone upon looking at it. She relaxed her face after realising that she looked like a type of monster from a children's book. 

She let out a sigh and rubbed her temples. She looked outside her window and even though it was dark, due to the moonlight, she was able to make out the silhouette of the trees shaking due to the wind outside. Lillia decided to take a breathe of fresh air, deciding that she was agitated due to the room being stuffy. Lillia opened her bedroom door slowly and surveyed the hallway. Everyone just finished their dinner, so Lillia figured that they might be resting in their respective bedrooms. Lillia felt glad that Reiji complied to her request to have her dinner earlier than the others, stating that she had to clean her bedroom. At least she was able to avoid Ayato and the others, and she wished to keep it that way for as long as possible. 

She tiptoed along the hallway, straining her ear for any form of movement or sound from anything other than her own breathing. Lillia managed to open the door leading to the garden without making any sound and silently closed it when she successfully stepped out. Letting out a sigh of relief, Lillia surveyed the garden. There was no sight of any form of human - or vampire - around. She let out a satisfied smile and walked towards the water fountain placed at the middle of the garden. She breathe in the fresh outside air and let her hair tickle her face when the night breeze blew her hair, as if to greet her presence in the garden. Lillia was a few steps away from the water fountain when she saw a leg beside it. 

Lillia froze, taking a sharp breath. She recognised those shoes and trousers. It belonged to him. Or anyone who had borrowed his trousers and shoes. How she wished it was the latter as she walked slowly towards the leg and took a deep breath. As she turned around the corner of the water fountain, she was greeted by the man she had tried to avoid since the events from last night. Shuu was lying on the floor, his eyes closed. He was asleep as always. Lillia would have tried to walk away from him, but he was sleeping outside with only a thin layer of clothing. He could catch a cold.  Even though she wished to avoid him as long as possible, she could not feign ignorance of this situation. She was still worried of his health. 

Letting out a defeated sigh, Lillia walked up to him and crouched down beside him. She was about to call out to him if only she didn't notice his frantic breathing. Cold sweat started to form around his forehead and he was frowning. He was moaning as if in pain and muttered, "Sweet. It tastes sweet". Alarmed, she shook him awake, hoping that she could wake him up from his misery. Shuu immediately opened his eyes and Lillia could see fear in them. But it immediately vanished from his blue eyes and were replaced with anger. "What are you doing here?" Shuu said hoarsely, narrowing his eyes at her. He was still breathing heavily as Lillia took a step back from him. 

"I thought you were having a nightmare, so I..." she trailed her sentence as Shuu wiped the sweat off his forehead. 
"I don't need your help, so go away" Shuu said in an angry tone and Lillia could not help but feel irritated by the sound of it. 
"Well, excuse me for trying to wake you up from your nightmare and worry about your health" Lillia snapped back, frowning. 
Shuu gave her a small frown and looked around him. "So I'm outside, huh. Well, it doesn't really matter. It's not like I will die from the cold night" Shuu rolled her eyes at her, as if the exact that was ridiculous. Lillia felt her cheeks burning up and huffed.
"Well, since I already had my share of fresh air, I might as well leave then, since a certain someone told me to go away. So much for lending a hand to him" Lillia muttered. She was about to stand up when Shuu grabbed her wrist. 

Lillia frantically looked down at him and his blue eyes were glazed over. "Lending a hand? Which reminds me, you said you were trying to wake me up from my nightmare, weren't you?" Shuu said, his voice husky. Lillia bit her lip and slowly nodded her head. Shuu let out a chuckle before narrowing his eyes at her. 
"How about I tell you, that you actually woke me up to my own nightmare?" Shuu said in a low voice, sounding almost angry. Lillia blinked her eyes, unsure of how to react. Should I feel guilty? What does he mean by waking him up to his own nightmare? Is he trying to tell me that I am his nightmare?

Realisation dawned upon Lillia as she remembered Shuu muttering about something that tasted sweet. He was talking about her blood. Which was no surprise considering he just had a taste of her blood last night. But in what way was the taste of her blood a nightmare to him? Was it because he was not a sweet tooth, so her sweet-tasting blood not only dissatisfy him, but also gave him nightmares? How rude. She voiced out her opinion about this and Shuu only gave her an exasperated sigh. "I have been trying to avoid you. Trying not to talk to you. Trying to think that you don't exist" Shuu said angrily as he tightened his grip on her wrist. Lillia gasped in pain at his strong grip and felt her heartbeat quicken its pace. 

"But every time you appear right in front of me, with that obscene scent on you-" Lillia could not help but glare at him at the word 'obscene' "-I feel like I have lost my mind. All I wanted to do was to drink your blood". As he finished his sentence, he sunk his fangs on her wrist harshly, making the sensation of his fangs compute in her brain and Lillia yelled out in pain. Usually Shuu would sink in his fangs slowly, but his change of tack had made surprised her, and it hurts a lot more than the previous times he had bitten her. He sucked on her blood hungrily, as if to satiate his thirst and he moaned in satisfaction as he sucked and continued drinking in her blood. While he was enjoying himself, Lillia could only feel pain...and delight. The clashing feelings in her made her confused, but the pain was unbearable. She tried pulling her arm away from him, but he clamped on her arm tightly, glaring up at her, challenging her to repeat her actions. Lillia whimpered and let Shuu continue sucking on her.

When he finally withdrew himself from her, Shuu cursed under his breath. "There it is. I rejuvenated" Shuu said, panting. Lillia rubbed the area where Shuu had bitten her, whimpering in pain as she looked at him. "Yet...I feel weak. That was my fear. That was my nightmare" Shuu gritted his teeth as he glared at her. Lillia returned his angry gaze with a confused expression. How could he feel rejuvenated yet weak? It did not make sense. But what didn't make sense was her actions after hearing his statement. She placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed him, as if trying to hold him down. 
"What are you doing?" Shuu managed to say between his panting. She was asking the same question herself as she leaned in, her lips nearing itself to his.




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